A Single Property Website isn’t just a *bauble.

Done right, a Rich Media Experience will make your brand stand out and your listings an EXPERIENCE worth Ogling. 

*bau·ble /ˈbôbəl/ noun. Something that is superficially attractive
but useless or worthless.

Realtor Virtual Tour

Market yourself to home buyers with something unique and different. Your relationships will be more meaningful.

According to Zillow, 70 percent of sellers say they are more likely to hire an agent who includes virtual tours and/or interactive floor plans in their services. A listing is also more likely to receive a cash offer when it has a virtual tour as part of its marketing mix.

Virtual Tours For Realtors

What good is great photography
if no one sees the pictures!

A picture is worth a thousand words, and in today’s time-starved attention economy, a new listing has a few seconds to make a first impression on potential buyers. Photos are one of the most powerful reasons a property sells quickly or languishes on the market. 

But what good is great photography if no one sees the pictures! This means that having your best marketing plan for every listing is essential, as there are fewer listings to go around and stiffer competition in getting them. 

The Experience Matters

Never has the experience mattered more than today. The attention of home buyers is as scattered and brief when purchasing less valuable items as it is when purchasing a home.

Market The Virtual Tour Experience

Listing Management at its finest

Manage your listings and media from one place. 

Real Estate Agent Content Management
Realtor Brand Marketing


Brand you and your properties, brand recognition matters. 

A Media Gallery to call your own is included. You can display you listings. Yay! Congregate listing property sites and other media in one place.

Teams can share all listings in one Media Gallery,  as well as individual galleries.

Share your Media Gallery from your email signature, from your company website, or embed it.

Share marketing, neighborhood, market update and other videos.

Real Estate Agent Shooting Real Estate


While our feeling is that using professsional real estate photographers is the best way to get back your marketing ROI, there are instances where you may want or need to capture your own photography. Or you may have an in-house/staff photographer but lack a system to manage and display your content in a meaningful and efficient way.

If for some reason you have enough of shooting your own listing photos or have needs for other media such as floor plans, video or 3D, please use our Vendor Search to find a media capture professional in your area.

Feature loaded for marketing you and your listings


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Property websites/tours on every property

Experience is the new commodity. Why would you not offer your clients a property site/tour on every listing!

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Create Video Slideshows

Generate an engaging Slideshow Video from the listing photos.

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Assortment of Property Flyers

Select from an assortment of Property Flyers.

Real Estate Property Flyers

Property Flyer Generation

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Control Center To Manage Your Listings

Manage your property marketing from an all encompassing Command & Control center.

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Create and Manage Team Content

Create a Team and congregate everyones listings in a beautiful property showcase gallery page.

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Robust Shareable Analytics

Track your marketing efforts and share viewing stats with the seller.

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Set an urgency on your listing. Tell buyers there is extreme interest in a listing.



$18/ Property

- NO Caps On Storage
- NO Caps On Bandwidth
- NO Hidden Fees
- Media Landing Pages
- Al Generated Property Descriptions -
- Media Marketing Kit
…and much more

Custom Domains
Video Slideshows
Video Hosting

Count Me In!

+ Subscription

$?/ Month

** Subscription Optional **

Lower Property Site Cost ($?)
Video Slideshows FREE
Video Hosting FREE

Ogle empowers your photography business with a professional white-label platform that simplifies processes, automates payment collection, scheduling, and photo delivery, enabling you to scale, grow, and create amazing digital experiences for real estate marketing. With Ogle, you can streamline operations, enhance your online presence, promote listings, and drive new business for real estate photographers, agents and brokers.

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